Inmotion Review

Word press blog hosting tool and publishing platform and a lot more from Inmotion Web hosting . Word Press is a Content Management Sytem(CMS) and a publishing platform that allows users to create … [Read more...]

Word Press Web Hosting Providers

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Services Providers When choosing a Word Press web hosting Providers, there are several things that you must put into consideration, the features that must be … [Read more...]

Managed Word Press hosting

What is Managed Word Press Hosting? Managed Word Press hosting refers to Word Press hosting services that are offered by your web hosting provider whereby your web host takes care of the maintenance … [Read more...]

Setting WordPress for Better Results

‘Setting’ is the Control center of the Wordpress self hosted site is given in the sidebar menu inside the Dashboard. You can control everything about website using it. Setting -> General You can … [Read more...]

Importance of user Profiles

Admin user is by default created with the ‘WordPress’ installation. You can have as many users and each of them may have their own profile. The profiles can be attached to the posts, pages and com … [Read more...]

WordPress Security

Upload the wordpress files and folders in directory with some other name hard to predict like cpweb or here or anything else. A trick can be done to hide this directory, to make it appear as it is … [Read more...]

Installing WordPress with CPWebHosting

For Self Hosting Worpdress on your domain, you need access to your website and also to the MySQL database, which is being provided on your mail from CPWebHosting. You are being provided with cPanel … [Read more...]

Free WordPress Hosting Vs. Self Hosting

WordPress Free Hosting Most of the Blogger choose WordPress[dot]com for their blogging, as it is free. The site is managed, maintained & updated by the company “Automatic”, they are the creators o … [Read more...]

All about zed eCommerce 8.0 for SAP Business with WordPress Integration

Zed eCommerce 8.0 by Zed suite is considered to be a milestone in providing effective ecommerce solutions for the integration of SAP one. This offers one of the most comprehensive solutions. The Zed … [Read more...]

WordPress Plugin for Events

Why use Wordpress Plugin for Events Management Wordpress Plugin for Events management is widely used now-a-days. It was used primarily for blogging, but these days they are mainly used for event … [Read more...]


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